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Birth name: Sophia Maeda

Born: Takamatsu city, Japan.

Genres: Country music, Pop-rock, Alternative rock

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano

Years active: 2016 - present 

Projects: solo projects, Bogeymen (band)


Sophia Maeda was born in Takamatsu, Japan, on June 13, 2002. Her mother Nadezda Maeda was Russian entrepreneur. And her father Hideto Maeda was Japanese businessman. Sophia has dual citizenship in Japan and Russia. Presently Sophia lives in Moscow, Russia. 

Music career beginnings:

Sofi started writing songs at age 13, and when she was 14 she recorded her first album "You Know Me Well" with Vitaliy Dmitrenko from Dynamic James. A few months later, they recorded singles "My Home" and "Feel this love". Those songs were in a genre of country music, pop-rock and Christmas-themed music. 

After graduating high school on June 2018, Sophia decided to change the genre direction of her future music to alternative rock and pop-punk. A new song "The Silence Is Killing Me" was recorded on December 2018. 

Also Sophia Maeda joined Bogeymen band in the fall of 2018. Currently the band has three songs, including Sophia's song "The Silence Is Killing Me".

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SofiM # 18 декабря 2018 в 14:57 0
New song
The Silence Is Killing Me

Sofi Maeda on Youtube
The Silence Is Killing Me on YouTube
Sofi Maeda on VK
Sofi Maeda in VK
Sofi Maeda on FB
Sofi Maeda on FB
SofiM # 18 декабря 2018 в 14:49 0
New song

Sofi Maeda in VK
Sofi Maeda in VK
Sofi Maeda in FB
Sofi Maeda in FB
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