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Дислокация: Донецк
Стилистика: Рок
Загружен: 27 Августа 2019
Рейтинг: 314
Статус: Первый уровень рейтинга
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The useless fight

It's enough for me

All my ways are closed

I just wanna be free

But all my hopes             

Fade away with tears

There are too much fears

Around my neck like ropes


But the light I see

Brings me to the sky

I know that again one day

I should try, should try

 And I believe

That my sun will shine

Just never give up and you will

Be fine, be fine that home


You may see

There are many falls

It's better to give up

Changing all your roles

And Far away

Your dreams once can bring

It's a swamp of despair

But you'll find your wings


But you feel

There are shades behind your back

There is something that you make

Run away consider it

You can loose it all.

Ref 3

But I will see In my way

There is sunshine through the sky

There is wind that brings new wave

That is my hope -> (ref 1)
Light I see
Brings me to the sky

I know that one day again

I should try!!!


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