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Neo Romantic-Youre My Fantasy Youre My Mystery

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Дислокация: Санкт-Петербург
Стилистика: Эстрада, Поп
Загружен: 13 Декабря 2019
Рейтинг: 395
Статус: Первый уровень рейтинга
Участие в программах: ---
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Автор Александр Панов пока не загрузил ещё треков

You're My Fantasy, You're My Mystery

(M+L: Alexander Panov)


I met you a long time ago when I was young

You immediately liked me, and I, I felt strong

We went for a walk with you together

And you were like a beauty queen

I thought it would be forever,

I'm your king!


You're my fantasy,

You're my mystery

You're my paradise,

I realize

Take my soul tonight      

You can make me feel alright

You're my fantasy,

My mystery

My Paradise

And my surprise

Hold me in your arms tonight

Because we're on the same side


We recently broke up, because our love died

You left my life and I was alone at home tonight

It used to be like a beautiful movie

We were very much in love

But our story proves me

Love will conquer all!


Backing vocals by A. Panov, A. Bez, R. Petukhov

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