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Am7 Am9/11 Am9 E7sus4

Am7 Am9/11 Am9 Dm7


Am7 Am9/11 Am7 Fmaj7

What do you see when you stand on a ground

What do you hear in a worlds are around

Dm7 F

What do you wish to be here in your arms

Dm Bbmaj7

When your feeling are lost everywhere


What do you know of some anchors and chains

Where do you go when your soul's fool of pain

What do feel when I hold your arm tightly

Casting shafts in your heart


Am7 Am9/11 C Dm7

Casting thoughts to you. I know what to do

Am7 Am9/11 C E7sus4

Never fear, never pray

Am7 Am9/11 C Dm7

Always seems to be like it used to be.


Change your way



Do something tonight

Am F

Just let your feet step forward


Wake up and break through


Carry out, rejoice at all dreams

Spread your wings and fly

And take me with you,

I know I will fly with you

I don't care what the colours Of your wings


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