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Lemma-Fall to Rise

Ольга Парфёнова-Где ты

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Дислокация: Николаев
Стилистика: Металл, Хард-Рок
Загружен: 19 Ноября 2018
Рейтинг: 23
Статус: Первый уровень рейтинга
Участие в программах: Миксер
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Hold on tight, don’t take off
Easy way to leave this empty house
Lose your mind, stop your breathe
Try to see any change that can’t browse

Drown of all pain in weariness
Suffocate in happiness
Reavel by blowing your soul, before it dies in

Time, days, nights, unpunished
Lies, fates, fights, that’s gonna be your life,
Until your eyelids fell

Any fall entails rise
Any rise entails fall
But it’s glad to feel it
Cause the wind frills strife
And when I’m fallng down
Elevated to sun
I feel this wind beneath my broken wings
And know that it’s Life

All of try go away
Turn you back into fate from you’re run
So prepare, bare your guns,
Tight your belt, and ready to fun

Cause you are one in your fake battlegield
Arrows fly, powns off a shield
In hope that you put it down to ground

Don’t care how much charge you have left
How they strong and deft
Sunshine revives you and all around

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