Трек в ротации Неформатного радио
Чёрный Лукич-Смешное сердце

GunKers-Thank you

Рейтинг трека: Трек в Ротации
Ещё треки исполнителя GunKers:

Thank you


Thank you, my love
You save me from all
Thank you for the fact
Didn't leave me alone
You are my savior 
You are my life
I would be lost without you
Now its my turn not to fail you


When you're around i'm just a stone can cope with everything
When you're around and when i fall down
You pull out me of the any shitt
Due to your kindness we found a million ways to prevent any disaster you'll give me your hand



With you it's so hot
Your skin makes to boil my blood
I'll be never so high without your blue eyes as like as the sky

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