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I hold between of my legs, half a ton of live meat.
A bloodthirsty crowd screams "Vaya con dias"!
I'm not afraid to fall in the bull shit.
I am a brave cowboy, 'king of rodeo'!
Fear breaks my body, heart beats in my head,
but this isn't time to be scared and surrendered.
Farewell cruel world, long live Heaven, - I`m said!
And bull runs out into the arena.

Rodeo is my destiny.
Rodeo is the best for me.
There I derive strength and feeling a freedom.

Living on the razor's edge,
I am a fearless hellrider.
I'm like a beast in a cage.
My anger grows higher and higher!

Since childhood I'm playing roulette with death.
I always wins in an unequal battle.
In a fight with the bulls I am the best.
I'm a butcher. All the rest does not matter.
I deftly strangle the bull with my rope.
Carefully stab him straight to the heart.
And beast knows, there is nothing to hope.
It's last hour has come here in the dust. 

Комментарии (2)
Horse # 15 мая 2013 в 16:40 0
+4, как всегда - задорно, энергично, высокопрофессионально! Ждем с нетерпением русскоязычные треки
Strangenoise # 8 июня 2013 в 23:51 0
А мне кажется, что в таком стиле как раз англоязычные текста очень органично ложатся на музыку)
Трек хорош)
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