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Rock's Alive

You can't believe it and I know it's no truth

You don't forget it because it was so cool

Sp many voices are screaming: "Rock is dead!"

But I don' care, I know it's just a stamp.

Nobody's stupid. Stop fooling me I ask.

You don't be a fake and take off your "smart" mask

So many people, creating it today,

Compose a lot of music and play it day by day


Rock's alive, rock's not dead

And I'm sure you will understand (you will see that)

Rock's not dead, rock's alive,

Rock is your and our life.


Music is endless and you must know that.

Don't listen to anyone just listen to your heart.

Come on, let's ride with me and go up the hill

Come on, let's talk with me. I know what you fill

It feels like flying high above the earth.

It gives you freedom right on the wind you surf.

Whatever happens, whatever people say,

Don't look at anyone, just go your own way.



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